Our History

More About Our History

BR Partners was founded in 2009 by Ricardo Lacerda and other successful executives in the world of Investment Banking, with the aim of building an independent franchise, without conflicts of interest and fully dedicated to its clients. Since then, BR Partners has established itself as one of the main independent investment banks in Brazil. We are among the first in a wide range of specialist financial advisory services such as mergers and acquisitions, debt issuances, restructurings, treasury services, wealth management and proprietary investments. Our daily objective is to generate long-term value for our clients and promote investments in capital and ideas that make our country grow. We are aware that private investments will be the main engine in Brazil’s development process, and this only motivates us even more.

At the beginning of our journey, we raised approximately R$100 million in capital from seed investors, with the aim of increasing our scope of action, which, inevitably, required us to install high governance standards. It is also important to mention that we are a partnership, guided by the value of meritocracy and which aligns the interests of partners in favor of the sustainability of our businesses.

Today, we continue to grow and are proud to have advised on more than R$420 billion in Investment Banking transactions and more than R$21.8 billion in debt issuances through the Capital Market. In 2022, we advised R$9.4 billion in Investment Banking, which guaranteed us to continue for another year among the 5 largest investment banks in M&A advisory in Brazil, taking 4th place in the Bloomberg ranking. In Capital Markets, the volume of issues carried out in 2022 reached R$5.65 billion and we were in 2nd place in the ANBIMA REITs origination ranking, and 3rd place in the ANBIMA MBSs distribution ranking.

We held our IPO in June 2021, when we raised R$400 million, an essential fundraising for the development of the Capital Markets area, through the strategic use of capital in order to enable access to new debt issuance products, such as debentures and CRA , as well as an important tool to strengthen our balance sheet and support the structuring of derivatives together with clients through the Treasury Sales & Structuring area.

At the end of the first half of 2022, BR Partners Investment Bank received a double rating upgrade by Fitch and Moody’s from ‘A+(bra)’ to ‘AA- (bra)’, with a stable outlook, which demonstrates the strong commitment administration of the Bank vehicle with the management of its capital.

In October 2023, the Company carried out a secondary offering of shares (follow-on), strategically and with the aim of expanding its free-float, through part of the investment from seed investors, which increased the free-float. float from 24% to 40%, promoting greater flexibility for investors to adjust their positions. At the same time, the partnership acquired the equivalent of 8% of the total capital from seed investors, promoting direct alignment between the executive partners and minority shareholders, so that the partners’ participation increased from 47% to 55%.

Also in 2023, we announced our entry into the wealth management business, with the aim of reinforcing the Company’s main pillar, which is generating value for its clients, as well as seeking new fronts for growth and diversification of its service portfolio. Wealth Management is an area specialized in managing the fortunes of high-income families, formed by a senior team with extensive experience in the market. The consultancy’s main objective is to preserve or maximize the generation of wealth for its clients, with a curation and risk management profile consistent with each client profile.

The Company believes that Wealth Management is highly synergistic with Investment Banking activities. Since its founding in 2009, BR Partners has advised R$137 billion in asset sales to companies and families. With the new area, the Company will seek to manage its clients’ wealth, after generating liquidity events. Furthermore, the area has a team to prospect for new clients to boost its organic growth, in a market that, in June 2023, reached R$460.3 billion, according to data published by ANBIMA. Finally, Wealth Management will also be an important pillar for generating new business in other areas of the Company, helping to encourage cross-selling in the institution.