Our Culture



Respect, integrity, honesty, diligence, and confidentiality are the core elements of our success. Conflicts of interest are inherent to our activity, but the way we deal with them determines BR Partners’ success and reputation. Ethical behavior and an unblemished reputation are inherent to everyone in their professional careers, and we expect the same in their personal lives.


Clients are BR Partners’ greatest assets, and we are always ready to defend their interests and needs with transparency and ethics. Only the success of our clients will ensure our own.


We are committed to making BR Partners a highly profitable company, providing value generation above market standards to our customers, investors, and partners. Our search for results is always focused on a middle horizon of five years, and we will never allow immediate profit opportunities to compromise our long-term principles and objectives.

Main Assets

Like clients, our team, reputation, and capital are also of utmost importance to BR Partners. We defend these assets every day, as the loss of any one of them may compromise our position and image in the market.

Product and Service Excellence

We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services, constantly striving for the excellence of our work. If the solution for our client is not within our area of expertise, we will help you find the best alternative in the financial market.


All our Investors and Executives have invested primary capital in BR Partners, which establishes a unique sense of responsibility, align our interests and differentiates our firm.

Constructive Stance

We are all encouraged to think independently and to challenge team and market dogmas. Regardless of any hierarchy, we are free to point out errors, make suggestions, and make criticisms aiming at the better development of BR Partners.


Teamwork is one of our main values. We consider creativity and initiative to be essential elements for professional success, not allowing individual interests to be placed ahead of BR Partners’. Working together and constant collaboration are essential to our success.


“When everyone thinks the same, nobody is thinking,”; so, we encourage a diversity of thoughts and attitudes and respect individual freedoms. We should be personal about our causes, never about our disagreements.


Meritocracy is an essential element of our success. We are committed to selecting our partners, executives, administrators, employees, and collaborators from among the best professionals in the market, and providing them with the best opportunities for growth in their careers.